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Sentronics India, established in 1990 by Mr Rajesh Kothari, stands as a testament to visionary leadership and groundbreaking ideas. With a proud heritage of almost three and a half decades, the company has cemented its position as India’s premier manufacturer and supplier of power conditioning products.

Why Us?

How Can Sentronics India Help You?

High Class Premium Quality Materials

Our experience lies with the quality of our materials used in the manufacturing of power products. It is of high quality, that will protect your machines for long years.

Manufacturer of Power Products since 1990

With our manufacturing units in Maharashtra since 34 years, we provide the best of the power solution products as per your industry standards.

Fast & Superior Service

We prioritise quick and responsive service for our products so you are a guaranteed a fast and a superior service.

Optimum Cost

At Sentronics Systems, we provide manufactured power solution products at the best optimum cost than the market.

Full Load 3 Phase Testing Facilities

We use our own 3 Phase Full Load Testing Facilities for power quality measurements.

Strong Competitive Advantage

As Sentronics Systems, we prioritise loyal commitments and long driven customer relationship over selling.

Tired of Improper Power Solutions For Your Industry?

Providing solutions from the wrong manufacturer leads to:

Overpaying for Servo Stabilisers, Isolation Transformers, and still the quality is not good, plus late delivery and bad service.

Experiencing a lack of support when seeking repair or buyback services for your power products can be described as feeling neglected or overlooked.

Manufacturing rejects products due to inconsistent dimensions and using defective materials.

The inability to produce high-quality products is due to inefficient materials, which are adversely affecting your machine’s performance.

Your Industry Deserves The Right Consulting, Right Power Solutions To Protect The Machines From Failure

With Sentronics Systems, you will know that:

You can have your fully trust us and our products knowing that we sell quality products with proper 3 phase testing facilities.

Increasing the output of your machines, that leads to greater efficiency and ultimately profits in growing your business with our best power solution products.

We manufacture with the best materials and skilled manpower that you will secured and committed to prioritize our business growth together.

Manufacture premium and cost efficient power products that is Made In India, specifically for your industry.


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We are an expert service division that can help you timely

AMC for Servo Stabilisers, UPS, and other power products

We have qualified trained engineers to provide AMCs for Servo Stabilisers, UPS, and more power products.

Stabiliser Repair

We can repair your Servo Stabilisers at an optimum cost with saving money.

Battery Replacement Services

At Sentronics, we offer a complete set of battery replacement services at your convenience.

Stabiliser Oil Replacement

We help in oil replacement, oil testing and oil recycling.

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