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SENTRI has been a prominent name in power conditioning sector since its inception in 1990. Our aim over all these years has been to learn, improve and evolve as a brand, so we can keep on serving our customers in most effective and efficient manner. Its because of this attitude, that we as a brand have not only sustained in this competitive world but also grown and outpaced several competitors. In this age, where companies are shutting their manufacturing business and turning into a retailer, we as a brand SENTRI have expanded its operations and scale. Unlike all other manufacturers we don’t claim ourselves to be India’s No.1 Brand of Power Conditioning Products, because we as a company don’t wish to fall in this race, and are highly proud of where we are and wish to strive even harder in days to come.

We started our journey in one small premise at Goregaon Mumbai, with few basic models of Servo voltage stabilizers, and a team of mere 3 people. From thereon, we have expanded our operations with 2 factories, equipped with complete range of testing equipment’s and have grown our team size to 30 people.


We are manufacturers of Air cooled Servo voltage Stabilizers, Oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, ultra-isolation transformers, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) , Automatic power factor panels (APFC), Auto step-down transformers, auto step-up transformers, Power conditioners. We also offer various kinds of services namely Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract, Non-comprehensive Annual Monthly Contract, and Annual Maintenance Contract for third parry Servo Stabilizers, Stabilizers on rental basis. 

Reason for our success & longevity

Committed and loyal Human Resources.

Quickest response and Delivery time.

Transparent and effective on-site service.

24*7 telephonic support for breakdown calls.

Desire to improve and learn.

Continuous up-gradation of our system and product quality.

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Vision, Mission & Values




Our Approach

We consider Servo Stabilizers and other Power conditioning products as a Techno- Commercial product, so we refrain from mere commercial selling unlike a commodity product.

We follow a 3 step process:

We believe, a product should first help the customer overcomes the problems and then comes the commercial value. Any amount spent behind an incorrect product is a complete waste, rather spend a little more on the correct product.

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We have team of 30+ loyal and passionate employees.

Mr. Rajesh Kothari, B.E


Brand SENTRI was established under the able leadership and guidance of Rajesh Kothari. Rajesh Kothari completed his education in field of electrical engineer and decided to venture into manufacturing of electrical products that would help people overcome difficulties faced to erratic power conditions prevalent in our country. His vision and leadership skills are the two main reasons for success and growth of brand SENTRI

Mr. Yash Kothari, B.E & MBA

Joined business in 2011 and since then has been actively involved in business expansion and increasing SENTRI footprints across India. Has been responsible to adding new products under brand SENTRI and continuous upgradation of existing products as per demands and needs of the market