Isolation and ultra-isolation transformers

Safety comes first, be it human or machines

WHAT ARE Isolation and ultra-isolation transformers?

In Isolation Transformers, primary and secondary windings are coupled through a common iron core

The secondary winding, is physically and electrically isolated from the primary winding. There is no literal electrical link between the two windings. They are magnetically coupled, not electrically linked.

As there is no electrical connection between the load and source, the transformer behaves like a filter between the two windings by segregating them from each other.
The Isolation Transformers significantly block the voltage spikes, switching transients and noise that originate in the supply side from being getting transferred to the load side.
An Isolation Transformer prevents higher-order harmonic signals from degrading the performance of adjoining circuitry.

Some isolation transformers are built with a turn ratio of 1:1. Such transformers are exclusively built to have the same input and output voltage and are used for isolation only.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers are installed to protect all your equipment’s from such hazardous and irregular voltage fluctuations. They help in providing continuous stable voltage with an accuracy of 1%

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WHY Isolation and ultra-isolation transformers?
Modern machines and systems need a truly isolated, clean and stable power requirement. This is ensured by an Isolation Transformer (IT), it provides for total electrical and electrostatic isolation with most effective screening of spikes, surges and transients, further it gives a true isolated local neutral and dedicated earth which is very essential for modern machines. Isolation Transformer attenuates common mode noise and transverse mode noise and provides for noise or interference free power.
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