Power conditioners Servo Stabilizers

Safety comes first, be it human or machines

What are Power conditioners?

Power Conditioners are Servo Voltage Stabilizer with inbuilt Isolation or Ultra-isolation Transformers, enclosed in one single fabrication unit. Power Conditioners provides the most clean and stable power supply to your equipment’s.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer will help in giving stable voltage to your equipment, and Isolation / Ultra-Isolation Transformers will help eliminate all the electrical disturbances and faulty neutral and earthing problems.

Hence, Power Conditioners can act as the most reliable & trusted solution to all your power related problems.

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True RMS: Ensures stable voltage even under adverse waveform condition
Microcontroller based circuit for enhanced protections
Complete range of protections to safeguard your equipment’s
High efficiency & minimum annual maintenance
Isolated Neutral on secondary side
Minimal floating voltage between earth and neutral

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Technical Specifications
TypesSingle Phase Power ConditionerThree Phase Power Conditioner
Range / Capacity (KVA)1 – 50 KVA3 – 1000 KVA
CoolingAir cooledAir cooled up to 300 KVA,Oil cooled up to 1000 KVA
Input Voltage170-270 V,150-270 V360-480 V,340-480 V,300-480 V
Output Voltage220 / 230 V, 1 phase,110/120V, 1phase in case of Step down400 / 415 V, 3 phase 200/220V, 3phase in case of Step down
Waveform distortionNilNil
EfficiencyGreater than 98%Greater than 98%
ProtectionsShort-circuit,Overload,Under & over voltage tripShort-circuit,Electronics Overload,Under & over voltage trip,Single Phase Preventer,Phase Reversal,Date Logger
DisplayVoltmeter to display voltageMicrocontroller based LCD display with push buttons to display voltage & current
EnclosurePowder coated sheet metallic enclosurePowder coated sheet metallic enclosure with moving wheels
InstallationIndoorIndoor / Outdoor (as per requirement)
TerminationSocket / Terminal for input output connectionsTerminals for input output connections
Vector GroupDyn11Dyn11
Insulation ClassF / HF / H
ImpedanceLess than 4%Less than 4%